Art, Resilience, Community.

Cyprian’s arc is a community-based and volunteer-driven center that connects the power of the arts with the imperative of these times for sustainable living and resilient urban communities.

For artists and performers, Cyprian’s arc offers a venue with excellent acoustics and lighting, studio space, exhibition galleries and instruction. For community organizers and resilience advocates, Cyprian’s arc is a hub of collaboration for generating ideas and testing strategies on the streets and in the community. Cyprian’s arc hopes to engage everyone who seeks challenge, collaboration, sociability and innovation. Together we create community.

Cyprian’s arc hosts monthly concert series, music and art classes for kids and adults, exhibitions, an artist-in-residence, theatrical productions, cooking classes and programs that community members suggest and help organize. Cyprian’s arc also works with several community organizations to develop and implement projects and services on-site and in the neighborhood. Various spaces and rooms in the building are available on a rental basis.

Services offered:

  • Personal: Education
  • Health & Fitness: Spiritual counseling
  • Travel & Entertainment: Facilities / Locations